Atlantic Recreational Center
2500 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

501st Legion - Squad 7

We are super excited to announce that Squad Seven will be at Amelia Coastal Con! They’ll be showing off the dark side of the force with props while representing all the villains from Star Wars.
Come say hi the 501st!

Fernandina Pirates Club

Amelia Island’s Goodwill Ambassadors to the World Since 1973!

And then there were pirates too!
Fernandina Beach Pirate club will be joining us at the convention.

They will be hosting a Pirate Costume Contest on Sunday 11th. Ther will be two categories - Adults and Kids! So wear your most fearsome ARR!

Cosplay at Coastal Con

Are you ready to showcase your favorite character? Coastal Con invites everyone to come dressed as the characters that inspire them. From anime, to video games, to your favorite sci fi fantasy character, all skill levels and genres are welcome!

Cosplay Contest
on Saturday for a chance to win! Whether you're a seasoned cosplayer or trying it for the first time, we welcome all levels of creativity. Pre-register online or on the day!

🤝 Meet Our Cosplay Guests

🤩 Oswald Ears
🤩 Lady Mekaella
🤩 JuanThe Artist
🤩 Con Crawler Cosplay
🤩 Alicensanity7
🤩 @AselliaVixen

Learn some tips and tricks, snap pics, and make memories with these incredible artists! 📸

🌟Kids Cosplay Parade
All families and children in costume can join in on our cosplay parade!

The weekend features a range of classes and events such as Cosplay on a Budget and EVA Foam Armor and 3D Printing All leading up to our Cosplay Contest and Kids Cosplay Parade on Saturday! Registration is now live! Save time and register online for our Cosplay Contest for a chance to be featured in one of our cosplayer of the week posts!

The Cosplay contest categories

Individual - Beginners
Individual - Advanced


⚡Advanced Category First Place⚡

⭐Mehron Special FX All-Pro Makeup Kit Sponsored By Embellish FX
Photoshoot with a professional photographer at the convention with 3 green screen photos included!
⭐Winner plaque to commemorate your victory and more swag!

⚡Beginner Category First Place⚡

⭐Ben Nye 3D Effects Character Kit Sponsored By Embellish FX
Photoshoot with a professional photographer
at the convention with 3 green screen photos included!
⭐Winner plaque to commemorate your victory and more swag!

⚡Advanced Category Runner Up⚡
⭐Vampyre Cosmetics $20 Gift Card
⭐Runner Up Plaque and more swag!

⚡Beginner Category Runner Up⚡
⭐Vampyre Cosmetics $20 Gift Card
⭐Runner Up Plaque and more swag!

Are you a cosplayer looking to connect? Coastal Con offers a platform for you to shine as an industry guest. Join us and be part of an electrifying experience that celebrates your passion and creativity. Contact us here to join our industry guest list!

Cosplay Contest Eligibility and Important Info

• You must have a valid ticket for Amelia Coastal Con to enter.

•You must register online or on the day of the event prior to the pre-judging session.

•If you are under the age of 16, you must have your parent or guardian's permission to enter and you must also be accompanied by your parent or guardian during judging and the contest.

• By signing up for the contest you agree to read and abide by all rules as posted.

• Amelia Coastal Con reserves the right to refuse entry or participation to anyone for any reason.

Contest Rules & Guidelines

✯ Entrants will have about 30 seconds to walk on stage and show their cosplay off. We encourage you to embody your character and have fun! Contestants ‘stage walk’ will not impact judging in any way. However, please remember the Cosplay Contest is a family friendly event. Offensive language and overt sexual humor is not permitted and will result in immediate disqualification.

✯ All cosplays and outfits entered must adhere to Coastal Con’s Costume Policy

✯ We highly encourage home crafted cosplays and props. While there is no crafting percentage requirement for this contest at least one major component of the cosplay must be crafted by the entrant. If you are modeling a cosplay that someone else made, they MUST be with you at pre-judging for you to be eligible for an award.

✯ 100% Purchased or commissioned cosplays are NOT eligible.

✯ Skill divisions are strictly enforced. If at the time of pre-judging your costume level is deemed advanced you will be moved up to the appropriate level.
An entrant is a Beginner if they are:
• New to costuming or, have never competed before
• Competed in the cosplay contests before, but have not won any awards (yet!) or have won less than three awards

An entrant is Advanced if they have:
• Won an award in an advanced/masters level category, or have won more than three beginner/novice awards
• Are a professional cosplayer/costumer or feels they are advanced in their craft

If you’re not sure which category you should enter please reach out on our website or to a member of the cosplay team on site.

✯ Be respectful to other cosplay entrants and the judges. Unruly or disruptive behavior is not permitted

✯ Entrants with accessibility needs are welcome to provide their own handler or request handler assistance from our cosplay staff for any stage of the cosplay contest process. If you think you may need assistance, we encourage you to contact us in advance or request assistance during the pre-judging process.

✯ Groups Up to 3 can enter in each category.

✯ Costumes entered in the cosplay category recreate characters from anime, manga, animation, sci fi, comic books etc and includes reinterpretation of characters. At least one reference image must be provided to the judges during the pre-judging session.

✯ Original characters are only permitted in the Original Character category.

✯ Progress portfolios are HIGHLY encouraged as they include photo documentation of your work from start to finish.

✯ Professional cosplayers ARE WELCOME to enter. A professional cosplayer is anyone who makes a significant portion of their income from costume design, construction or sales or feels they are a master of their craft. If you are a pro, you must enter the Advanced division.

✯ All contestants must be available for the pre-judging session on Saturday. If you are not present for pre-judging you will not be eligible for any awards.

✯ By Participating in the contest you agree to allow Coastal Con to use any photos from the convention and the Cosplay Contest for marketing and promotional material. This includes but is not limited to promotional posts on our Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram, our electronic newsletter and printed material such as posters and fliers.

✯ All prizes are awarded “as is” and non-transferable. No substitution, transfer, or cash redemption of the Prize is permitted, provided however that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute the Prize with another prize of equal or greater value should the advertised Prize become unavailable for any reason. The Selected Entrant cannot assign or transfer Prize to another person or business.

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