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Announcing the Winners of Our Fan Art Contest!

It's time to reveal the talented individuals who stood out in our contest. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their incredible work. Special appreciation goes to our dedicated judge, Michael Lomon, who crafted insightful summaries for each winning submission. Without further ado, let's unveil the champions.

SCI FI Winner - Madie Chaffin

Shiver - Great work capturing Shiver's character with a tough to nail expression and incorporation of splats and the fan.

SCI FI Runner Up - Miranda Attales - Ranka Lee

Fantastic attention to detail and craft here with some innovative re-use of materials and fine stitching. Really expressive eyes and great technique styling her hair.

ADVENTURE Winner - Miranda Attales -
Stand Proud

This is compositionally very strong and keeps the viewers eye engaged with great use of flowing lines contrasting with geometric designs that frame the characters. The bold use of limited palette also keeps the image impactful with no wasted gradients or soft blurs to detract from the confident design. It's also great to see the brush strokes in an image that in some ways lends itself to digital creation, but maintains the variations and hesitations inherent in traditional media and add a real spirit of craft!

ADVENTURE Runner up - Aya Erdbeere - Kero

Lovely to see a mixed media approach that just ramps up the cuteness. The cake looks especially enticing.

FANTASY Winner - Aya Erdbeere - Excalibur

Aya does a lovely job of capturing the charm and energy of this quirky 2D character and bringing him into three dimensions! Some of the other entries show superb craft and ingenuity in adapting model sets, but there is something magical about the hand-made aspect of this Excalibur that makes him feel even more cherished as a creation. The extra effort to create a backdrop to stage the photo is also commendable. Great job!

FANTASY Runner Up - Avani Patel - Princess Senshi

The paints really bring the models to life and I appreciate the concentration and accuracy required to do such a great job.

ROMANCE Winner - Aya Erdbeere

Super cool depiction of Mash and great idea to have the cherry blossom to balance the composition. Love the creampuff version of Lemon.

ROMANCE Runner Up - Miranda Attales - Futari

The theme of close friendship really shines in this one, with some great work with different textures that suggest a lot of love has gone into creating the final piece.

Meet Michael Lomon -
our Celebrity Judge

Michael Lomon is the artist behind the Palace of Tears comic (winner of the Caliburn Prize 2023) and other fantastical fictions, along with being the designer, animator and often director of a whole host of animated shorts within the film and broadcast sectors.

He has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Adobe, Paypal and Cartoon Saloon and can generally be found doodling in dark rooms, filled with dark music, muttering dark (motivational) oaths to himself.

Check out his Instagram to see more of his work.

Michael will be judging submissions from his throne of bones all the way in London. He will not be attending the Con, but winner and runners up will get to find out why their work touched his human soul.

Note on AI: In running a fan art competition we give artists the opportunity to create original artwork. To feel the excitement of drawing their favorite characters and letting their imagination run wild on “what could be”. It takes skill, will and love of your art to go from an idea to a finished Artwork, regardless of skill level or experience.

As such Using AI to generate images is not permitted as it would detract from meaningful competition and go against the spirit of the event.

Please Read out competition Terms and Conditions to make sure your work qualifies.

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